Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey everyone! Get ready to throw up your lunch at the sight of a gold and leather handbag that chain smokes in the window of Barney’s New York because Donatella Versace is actually sitting there right now. She’s literally convalescing on what I imagine is a massive couch made out of a combination of gold lions and naked Italian men that is padded with a throw of red velvet, in the window, alive (amazingly) and posing to promote her new menswear line. If one of the men who make up her chair wilts she has a rage attack and he must be replaced before she will stop pacing the window box aggressively, like a jaguar. Like a jaguar gone mad from too little space and not enough nicotine.

God, that means I’m only within walking distance of her right now. I should go over there but I’m really already too damned tired. [source]

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Faith said...

I could tell you stories...but you have no email address for me to tell them to. I'm often frustrated by that and my desire to leak information I'm not supposed to have.