Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heather Mills may have already been awarded 50 million dollars as part of her divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCarthy but she’s actually still out for more. She’s now hired a forensic team to prove that he is worth more than the 400 million pounds he said he was worth. She is insisting he’s worth at least 800 million and as such she deserves so much more money.

Even though Mills is greed incarnate, I’m actually really glad she exists because she’s so insanely extreme in her greed and shamelessness that she’s actually a living anthropological fascination point. As in, she’s sort of like a serial killer in the sense that you could sit around talking about how freakish and shameless she is. At dinner parties.

But then, she is being essentially reasonable. How COULD she possibly expect to live on 50 million dollars? It’s basically nothing when you consider everything she needs. Like for instance she needs new gold legs every hour and she also needs a machine that will allow her to, I don’t know, talk to animals or something and those aren’t cheap.

Isn’t the idea of a divorce settlement meant to be about distributing assets that were essentially accrued as part of the marriage? Mills and McCartney were married for 4 years and he made all his money decades ago. She didn’t do anything to earn him that money.

Mills should be buying an island right now and disappearing. Actually, no. She should stick around and continue bleating for more. Eventually something will happen and she’ll lose it all somehow and that will be genuinely interesting to watch. [source]

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