Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Courtney Love is right behind a new line of Converse Allstars blazoned with handwritten text found in Kurt Cobain’s Diary. They’re scheduled for release in the summer. This isn’t as culturally horrifying as it might seem because there is a lot of documentation of the fact that Cobain himself actually wore Converse Allstars himself so it’s not like she’s coming out with a Kurt Cobain brand fragrance or breakfast cereal for kids.

The pair featured above however, do sort of resemble the high maintenance ones signed by Michael Jordan than Nike came out with that are actually making a comeback among the hipster types. Ok, maybe it’s just the signature.

Who will be buying these shoes though? Diehard fans of Nirvana? They’ve got to be sort of in the late late twenties to early thirties now. Unless there’s a totally new generation of people who have found Nirvana without being told what to like by the marketing music machine. Are older Nirvana fans really going to buy Nirvana shoes?

When you take into account the fact that the whole ethos of grunge and punk was angst and depression and gritty atonal aspiration towards some kind of authenticity, isn’t wearing Kurt Cobain shoes actually, a bit like dressing up like Superman by putting on Superman pyjamas and then tying a bath towel around your neck with a safety pin?

Or, ok, maybe it’s Warholian. No, it’s still something I can see bullshit, trust fund hipsters from Williamsburg doing as they hang out in a sanitized “dive bar” and talk about how much better Nintendo Wii is than Playstation 3 on coke at 2 am on a Wednesday. Wow, did you check these new Converse Allstars? My dad bought them for me as a "got into college present", they were 300 dollars but man, Kurt Cobain was the SHIT, man! [source]

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