Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A group celebrating a birthday at a Dubai diner were cheered by a 25 percent discount but not necessarily the reason: "Bug on food." The restaurant cut the bill for seven customers at a birthday dinner after they found four insects crawling around their meals, the Gulf News reported on Tuesday. "We were surprised when the receipt said 'bug on food' as a reason for the discount. I think they were trying to be funny," one of the disgruntled customers said. This kind of thing really gives you insight into how imposing you are as a person when you go to a restaurant. I went to this place on the Harbour in Sydney once and found a cockroach in my food and they basically just gave me a free dessert and asked me to see the humour in it. It’s hard to see the humour in a heavily marinated cockroach when you’re paying 30 dollars for a salad. The thing about it was that there was a table of omnivorous Patrick Bateman wannabe businessmen next to my table who would have shut down the entire section of the city had they been served a roach. Lucky for the restaurant they weren’t. What the hell is happening in Dubai that they can’t get bugs out of the food though? I mean, the whole place is basically computerized and futuristic; can’t they just press a button and achieve perfection? What else is Dubai for? I mean, apart from owning your own island. Obviously. [source]

A tiger snapped in central China initially thought to be a very rare species has been identified as a more common Siberian one which escaped from a circus, state media reported on Tuesday and can I say, what a let down that news is? Watching the Chinese military HAVE to try to be gentle as they attempt to capture it would be hilarious. Just to see the boiling up rage and annoyance at not being able to simply club it to death. Meanwhile, who really knows if a tiger really did escape from a zoo in China anyway if the initial reports about it are from the State Media. I mean, it could be a ruse to make sure people stay inside as the politburo dance about in silken underwear and drink wine and play their merry lutes. Sometimes that’s the kind of thing I think happens with these Communist countries. I mean, wouldn’t you do that if you controlled an entire nation? I sort of probably would. For sure. Definitely. Would have to. [source]

A survey of 6500 English people conducted by Richard Wiseman, a psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire has found that people in England think that if your name is James or Elizabeth then you’re likely to be successful and if your name is Ryan or Sophie then you’re likely to be hot. You know, I just don’t know what the hell this crap is based on. For me the name James reminds me of the color red with some mushy pancakes, Elizabeth is an orange color and a wooden chair for some reason, Ryan makes me think of brown and being bored so you eat your leather shoe laces and Sophie is this pink name that is essentially disappointing because it’s similar to when you eat a tea bun and the icing is cool but the cake part is just crap blandly sweetened bread with dumb ass candied fruit in it. I guess James and Elizabeth sound sort of uptight and regal so I guess that’s fine. Still, no one mentioned Matthew which I actually officially believe is a good balance between hot and smart. I was talking to my cousin about this the other day and I’m pretty sure I’m right. [source]

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