Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The New York Post continues rumours that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are going to divorce. The whole thing is based on the insight given by an “in-the-know-Briton” who says this:

"Madonna is said to have lost respect for Ritchie when she found out he had embellished his past," one in-the-know Briton told us. "Far from the tough, working-class London dude he adoringly echoed in 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,' he's actually a privileged, prep school boy who chose to affect a gangland accent and walk with a street swagger. Brits can spot this at 100 yards, or hear it in an accent. Yanks, alas, can't."

Oh please, this is just like Star Jones’ divorce. I mean, presuming it’s true.
If Madonna is stating that she’s lost respect for Guy Ritchie now that she thinks he isn’t the man she initially met then she’s completely pathetic. Of COURSE he’s not. I mean, she could have found some guy who was her creative equal who would have challenged her as an adult but how would that have allowed her to be the controlling diva she is? These pop star divas all have to be the ones in control so they marry ludicrous men. She went for a guy who churned out one and a half good movies and then ran out of things to say. What’s confusing about that? She knows that to stay in the game you have to be relentlessly creating and you have to have a viciously deep void in you that is never filled but demands everything all the time. Like she does. That is what keeps her going. A crippling fear of cultural irrelevance.

Guy Ritchie has no fear of cultural irrelevance as he’s clearly come to accept that it’s a massive part of his identity. His formulated identity.

It made sense in the beginning for Madonna to marry Ritchie though though. He was built, heavily male, edgy, English (therefore elite to America) and a funny violent film maker. It was a perfect edge creator for Madonna. Madonna can’t cry disappointment now. She knew in the beginning. I mean, we all knew. We just weren’t saying anything because Madonna is frightening. [source]

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ArchNoble said...

Oh, that elitist "in-the-know Briton" insight, it's just so darn incorrigible. So, we're to believe that Madonna — the girl with the actual poor, working-class background — couldn't spot a phony because she was duped by a foreign accent, swagger? A woman who herself affects a privileged, English prep-schooled background. (Give her some credit, please.)

Or is all that supposed to make her rumored divorce especially ironic? You know, that other concept that Americans just can't quite grasp.