Friday, March 07, 2008

The New York Post reports that Jessica Simpson and the Pussycat Dolls are going to perform for the troops in Kuwait and while they’re staying there they will be sleeping in tents and eating the same food as everyone else. Gee, lucky one of Simpson's PR people made sure the Post knew about that!

I love how the most immediate thing people do to humanize themselves and boost their popularity when they’re completely hated and down is they go out there and rough it. Jessica Simpson is, right now, being blamed for the failure of the Dallas Cowboys she’s so freaking unpopular not to mention the crippling failure of her recent dumb ass movies that have been surpassed in crapulence only by Paris Hilton’s cinematic work. No wonder she’s offering to sleep on the floor.

And the thing about this is that the only people who do crap like this regularly are Republican assholes. Like, John McCain and the hot dog lunch at the White House, like President Bush pretending to be upset about the formality of wearing white tie for the Queen’s visit, like Bill O’Reilly constantly saying that he’s out there, looking out for you…the downtrodden tax payer when really he’s making millions of dollars mustering up cultural horror through bogus journalism. It’s all fraudulent bullshit.

Jessica Simpson is absolutely on the right track in terms of trying to get her public image up. No one can criticize you if you’re performing for the troops or they get branded a terrorist who hates America and the troops are probably so freaking tired and culture starved that anything she does will be like watching someone with real talent. Fatigue does a lot to your ability to critique. Oh, who am I kidding? Her rack does all the work. [source]

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