Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Nicole Ritchie is set to flog her new kid on the cover of People Magazine and it’s anticipated that the issue she’ll be gracing will sell more copies than the one that had new mother, Christina Aguilera on it with her new kid and I think that’s fundamentally weird but then if you think about it it’s not.

Celebrity really isn’t about the equation between having talent and therefore having notoriety. It’s just about people representing some kind of moral compass for society. Consequently, Christina Aguilera – even though she has a great voice and is uber glam and successful – really doesn’t offer anything to anyone besides her music. She’s never out at parties late at night, she’s never drunk and badly behaved, she’s kind of a diva and she has a pussy whipped husband but who cares? She’s not scandalous. She’s completely together.

Ritchie on the other hand is a spoilt, LA rich kid who has no talent and is therefore susceptible to really screwing up. She’s had killer eating disorders and has used heroin. She’s also apparently friends with Paris Hilton who represents chronic national socially corrupt moral disease. Why the hell wouldn’t you want to know how that kid grows up? People are going to be watching Nicole Ritchie’s kid in eager anticipation of the moment they can say something lame ass like “Like Mother Like Daughter…” and then cluck their tongues and go back to their gossipy tea morning with the girls. It’ll be all pursed lips and knowing nods with eyes closed when the Ritchie kid takes its first hit of acid at aged 6. And won’t everyone feel better that day? I know I will. [source]

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