Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fresh from her action packed win in divorce court where she nabbed around 50 million dollars in settlement money from her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney, Heather Mills is booked to go to Las Vegas and judge the Miss USA Pageant in early April.

I always had my doubts about whether she really was just a gold digging whore. I mean, people like to create characters and then denigrate them so I thought maybe there was a certain amount of truth to what she was saying when she would go on TV and say that she was being mistreated. Then she went to court, demanded somewhere in the vicinity of 125 million dollars which is outrageous and after she won some money she dumped water over the head of the lawyer for McCartney.

The judge in the case called her "warped" but it was the water was the part that convinced me that she was a gold digging freak ass. Then the fact that she decided to jump on the publicity bandwagon again and appear in Las Vegas confirmed it. She’s a totally fame hungry, greedy freak. How did Paul McCartney miss that? You can tell shit like this about people when you meet them, you just have to pay attention. I mean, I can tell.

This is so classically Donald Trump as well. Trust him to hire someone who has absolutely one of the lowest approval ratings, a rancid lack of class but who commands attention from the media and no real cultural value. Oh, well, when you think about it, those the basic principles of the Miss USA Pageant though, really so perhaps it a genius synthesis of minds. Mills and Trump: creating and and profiting from cultural abominations together. [source]

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ArchNoble said...

Mills has also hired Gloria Allred; having a shrill, annoying, and television-hungry lawyer on her side can do nothing but help win over an already hostile public, right?