Monday, March 03, 2008

Seeing as she has no actual work happening right now Lindsay Lohan has to do something to encourage people to keep staring at her so she’s about to unveil an exhibition of photos of all her tattoos. And you know, good on her for doing something. I mean she is, for all intents and purposes off the drink which means she’s not driving into any trees after taking a crew of frat boys hostage in the back of a car she doesn’t own so at least people aren’t getting hurt as a result of her self promotion.

What a trooper Lohan is. First there was the photo shoot for New York Magazine where for no immediate reason except to maybe bring reference to the fact that she wanted to forecast her own death for a little attention, she somewhat morbidly, recreated the last photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe before she died of an overdose and now there’s this.

If Lohan’s not hammered and or working she needs the limelight like oxygen. The more I think about it, the more I think that Cintra Wilson is literally correct and that fame addiction is a legitimate disease. Rolling Stone ran a really fascinating piece about Britney Spears where it suggested she was suffering from an as yet unnamed fame based narcissism disorder. I hope they end up calling it Spearsian Fame Disorder. That could be her legacy before she goes away to Normandy to raise sheep and make crème fraiche. Lohan would then have to suffer the ultimate humiliation of having to talk about how she has a disease named after Spears. No doubt Dina Lohan would go to court to have the disease renamed after herself. [source]

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