Thursday, March 06, 2008

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

South Pasadena, Los Angeles has become a no-swearing zone apparently. I’m not exactly certain how seeing as the report I read says that no law or rule will be enforced officially but apparently no one will be swearing in Pasadena anytime soon. “My mom and dad always taught me good morals, good values, and not cussing was one of them," said McKay Hatch, the founder of South Pasadena High School's No Cussing Club, during a recent break between study hall and tennis practice. Oh my god. Those high profile crusaders at High Schools who spend all their time campaigning for things only their grandparents would bother with are really pieces of work. They’re the freaks who grow up to work for the Republican party but turn out to be hooker banging crystal addicts. I love how pointless a “non-cussin” town. And you just know that the most uptight adults stand in front of the mirror in the middle of the night and squeal swear words at their reflection while laughing hysterically. [source]

President George W. Bush may have given presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain the royal treatment at the White House on Wednesday, but the two men did not exactly have a meal fit for a king. They ate hot dogs. I’m not sure if the point of this is meant to be that the president was being passive aggressive or somehow unimpressive. To me this is completely predictable calculated Republican cultural gesturing at it’s most obvious and typical. They ate hot dogs because if they were to eat the crispened flesh of a freshly slain black lesbian mother, as their nature disctates, it would have been alienating for potential voters. This way, it humanizes McCain and makes him look like a real good old American regular guy. It does that in ways that he couldn’t, as a septuagenarian and as a former prisoner of war. I mean you’d never serve him a thin soup made of coconut milk, rice, tiny shrimp and spices and say, “Look familiar?” when you hand it over. That would be pretty audacious and also ineffective. [source]

A Benedictine monk has been caught with around 230 pornographic films in his room in a monastery in western Germany, the local Abendzeitung newspaper reported on Thursday. He was found attempting to steal some gay porn DVDs and was arrested by police. Well, I mean, yes. Of course he was. Of COURSE he was stealing gay porn. He was Catholic, he was a monk. It really writes itself. Now, of course, he’ll be physically beaten by some harness wearing Cardinal in the dark stone basement of his monastery. The cardinal will, you must realize, be wearing nothing more than a harness. Then he’ll be excommunicated. He should just go become a Buddhist monk. They don’t care about homos and it’s all more or less the same thing. [source]

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