Monday, March 03, 2008

Senator Hillary Clinton went on Saturday Night Live on the weekend and performed the opening sketch with Amy Poehler dressed as her standing there and it was more or less funny. I mean, it’s always fascinating when the real person walks on set and sees someone who parodies them because it’s sort of like those genius 1970s specials where the Brady Bunch are on stage dancing and suddenly Farrah Fawcett walks on stage and says he car just broke down outside and that she needs to use the phone. She’s playing herself but the Brady Bunch are still in character so the suspension of disbelief is completely out of whack. It’s like the imaginary is meeting the real and everything is colliding in some kind of Stoppardian apocalypse. I just love it when that happens. I just love a good Stoppardian apocalypse.

Meanwhile, this appearance sort of reminds me of 2004 when Al Sharpton tap danced on SNL and when Senator John Kerry rode a motorcycle onto the set of Jay Leno. Just to macho himself up post “Bush in a crotch heavy flight suit photo op”. It sort of reeks of last minute desperation. Poor dear Senator Clinton. Still, she was laughing and making fun of herself and people DO think she’s stoic and robotic so, maybe it’ll help in Ohio.

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