Monday, March 10, 2008

The old story about how Tom Cruise auditioned for wives and settled on Katie Holmes has surfaced again and this time the story is that Katie Holmes is being called his fourth choice.

Of course, the story is angled in such a way that it sounds like he was just having trouble meeting women so there was a conscious effort made to link him to famous and beautiful single women in their 20s. He was having trouble meeting woman because in between his twin past times of staring at himself in the mirror making kissing faces and hiring porn stars as rent boys before shuffling them out and then going through a deep hypnosis designed to erase all memory of what he had just done – he just couldn’t figure women out? Seriously?

The thing is, gay men don’t have any trouble meeting women. Women flock to them. Women love gay men because they think they can have a living fashion accessory in them and I refuse to believe that Tom Cruise doesn’t have a stock group of catty girlfriends who all come over and talk about fashion and boys and leggings and kissing and stuff.

My question is, why is this rumour suddenly coming up now? It’s not really new information. We already knew about Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba and the fact that Katie Holmes was not his first choice at least. It seems to go back and forth and there’s got to be another reason for this. Andrew Morton came out with the book about Cruise and said he wasn’t gay but I suspect that’s because he could get away with everything else if he simply didn’t say gay. Similarly, the gossip magazine that ran a story entirely focused on how Tom Cruise isn’t gay because they hired a private detective to find out for sure was clearly a brown nose job investment so they could secure some kind of other exclusive later on.

I wonder if someone who wants Cruise’s job at United Artists is leaking this info any time they can in an effort to smear his name or at least stress him out. Why else would we keep hearing the same thing. It’s not new information. I mean, it’s fascinating to think about how fucked up Tom Cruise is too though, so maybe it’s just a lucrative story to run on a slow news day. [source]

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