Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gee, nothing’s really a shock today. Gatecrasher reports that the shockingly pointless and derivative “Cashmere Mafia” is set to be cancelled. There really is basically no difference between Cashmere Mafia, Lipstick Jungle and Sex and the City except that now that Sex and the City is over the other two look like they’re just tired assed, uncreative copies of the original.
Lipstick Jungle is mildly better because Brooke Shields is in it and she slapped Tom Cruise down regarding his position on post-partum depression AND because Lorraine Bracco played a hard assed publisher in it.

Cashmere Mafia is just a condensation of everything clichéd about New York City as crystallized by Sex and the City but put out with no passion or innovation. It’s just bottle service, powerful women grappling with being resented by the men they are involved with, power suits, transcending ageism, status anxiety, and shoes.

When you think about it though, Beverly Hills 90210 was the pre-cursor to an entire generation of TV in the nineties and that lineage followed the same basic pattern as is being revealed here. Aaron Spelling had a hit with 90210, then he made Melrose Place which only really succeeded because it was so utterly ludicrous and because of Heather Locklear. After that there was Model’s Inc, Pacific Palisades, The Heights, Malibu Shores, the mildly innovative Seventh Heaven (primarily because it was morally conservative on the surface as opposed to the others which were just whore TV) and they more or less all failed because there was no difference between them and the first two. Except Seventh Heaven which was just as slutty but they talked about Christianity a lot so it was ok.

Poor Miranda Otto though. She’s not half bad and she went with the crap Lucy Liu pilot and soon she’ll be out of a job. [source]

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