Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Star Magazine is reporting that Katie Holmes is finally falling apart physically and that it’s probably because Tom Cruise is a freaking nutcase.

I always thought she was destined for a physical breakdown because that’s what you get when you shack up with a bipolar control freak cult member – I mean, I think we’re all comfortable with that knowledge.

She looked a little tired when Cruise was dragging her ass out every minute with the maternity bra on just to make sure everyone knew she was pregnant and that he was the father but I always just put that down to her being knocked up and exhausted.

Now, she’s apparently looking pale and thin and exhausted and Star suggests it’s because Cruise has boundless energy and he stays up all the time and goes away for days at a time. Yes, it’s that, sure. It’s also the fact that the marriage contract they have says that she has to be on call all the time for appearances and that she has to listen to his diatribes about anything at all no matter what time of day. Who knows what it really is. She’s dying slowly because he’s eating away her soul. That’s my take.

Suri Cruise hasn’t been seen for a while either which leads me to believe that the lease that they had on her has run out or she’s gone in for service. That's got to be hard on Katie Holmes seeing as Suri was her only toy/friend.

For some reason I’m fairly certain that Tom Cruise does that thing that people on acid do where they just talk incessantly about weird mythology crap and it’s all just meaningless jibberish after a while but the first time you hear them say all that crap you think they’re actually some kind of modern day prophet. Tom Cruise does that.

Plus, it must be hard for her to keep pretending they have sex when he’s a sucker for the boys. I mean, lets face it - that's the real pont here. [source]

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