Monday, March 17, 2008

California’s First Lady, Maria Shriver, has raked in close to a million buck over the past 3 years for not actually doing anything bar one appearance on the NBC network. She worked at Dateline prior to her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming Governor of California but when he was sworn in she had to leave due to a conflict of interest.

This is kind of amazing because if she had to leave NBC due to being a political figurehead, why would another network suddenly be able to take her on? Wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for ALL news organizations? So, they kept her on retainer and threw cash at her despite the fact that she only did one journalistic thing with them the entire time.

Even though this sounds outrageous and even though 40 NBC employees were let go in 2006, it doesn’t really resonate as THAT bad. It’s hard to ascertain why you’d fire 40 people and pay someone a lot to not do anything but at the same time, retainers aren’t so big of a deal.

My main questions about Maria Shriver are as follows: How does she get her head looking so very much like Skeletor? Is it a low water diet? She always looks SO drawn and taut. I wonder if she’s addicted to diuretics. Her eyes seem sunken and her teeth are sort of severe. I can’t imagine it’s easy to deal with the body image issues of her husband day in and day out. Well, actually, just her husband in general really.

Also, for years I had heard she was a journalist and I kept wondering how and why. It always seemed to be that she was one of those kept women, she is related to the Kennedys, she’s married to Schwarzeneggar, the whole lot really. She just hung out and every now and then did an interview with Demi Moore and turned it in and kept herself convinced she was a journalist. Granted I only thought about this from about 2003 so that’s my limitation.

So, now it’s good to know what’s REALLY been going on. Finally, I know why Maria Shriver is a journalist according to everyone. [source]

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