Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The New York Post reports that ABC’s “Cashmire Mafia” is potentially not going to be picked up for another season while NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle” will probably be.

I love that there’s actually a debate about which one is better and that the viewing public are actually able to discern. The entire reasoning behind both of these shows is that it was ascertained that people still wish Sex and the City were around and so rather than just produce more Sex and the City they just created two new virtually identical but fundamentally more mechanical and less inventive versions of the original.

Cashmire Mafia is so caught up on the details that make it set in New York City and that reflect the elements that were meant to make it seem like Lucy Liu’s character is a high powered, glam woman that the plot lines and actually the dialogue is really irritatingly trite.

Lipstick Jungle is really no better except that it has Brooke Shields and Lorraine Bracco in it.
I sort of want to just grab the fucked housewife from suburban Ohio that is propagating this crap television and really force them to see that no, they are not, in fact, even remotely represented by what they see on the screen. Fat, frosting inhaling, sweat pants clad middle aged women with stringy hair who sit on brown, synthetic couches and watch TV in the middle of the day with the curtains drawn are not the same as painfully thin, New York fashionista women who are so caught up in a battle for status and clout that they can’t really operate as multi faceted humans. I’m not sure how there was ever a mix up and yet here we are trying to figure out which of the two shows is going to cater to that misunderstanding more. [source]

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