Monday, March 31, 2008

The New York Post is reporting that since Britney went on “How I Met Your Mother” and didn’t completely trash the set and give everyone lice, her father/keeper is now focusing on getting her a 9-5 TV role rather than her recording a new album.

Apparently the show’s ratings were sky-high for the episode Spears appeared in and there’s talk of a guest spot for her on 30 Rock.

There’s something about this that is vaguely reminiscent of the New York Times’ claim that Heidi Montag emerges as a feminist heroine in the new season of The Hills. Just because Montag’s spine seems to be beginning to emerge and it’s possible that after all the screaming hate press Spencer Pratt has been getting from day 1 that she’s starting to see he’s a douche bag only now – it doesn’t make her a feminist heroine. It’s like if you’re famous and in LA and you suddenly display a distinct lack of loathsomeness, you’re suddenly more likable than anyone.

Same kind of deal with Spears. She spends several years completely out of control, is hospitalized, medicated and who the hell knows what else and all of a sudden she performs a bit part on a standard sit com without turning into a shrieking gorgon and eating a child and suddenly the entire of western art is re-aligning itself to accommodate her new found clarity.

Quick, give her a job in the West End as Blanch Dubois (which makes conceptual sense but I mean, in every other way – come ON!), quick get her on multiple sit coms.

The ratings for “How I Met Your Mother” were high for the show she was on because the United States was poised for her to flip out on camera and start eating her hair or something. She wasn’t that bad but she really wasn’t that great either. I mean, she just was. And that’s really the overall point with her. She stands there and the rests of the world projects something onto her until she has a nervous breakdown because she has no idea where she is or what she’s doing. [source]

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