Thursday, March 06, 2008

The New York Post reports that Anna Wintour was at Madison Square Garden last night watching basketball because she’s the guest of basketballer LeBron James. They go on to explain something else about it like something about the Waverley Inn or whatever.

I, myself, me, personally, am completely and utterly stuck on the image of Ms. Wintour sitting at the basketball in the front row and may never actually be able to read to the end of the gossip item. Where are the God Damned pictures? I desperately need to see pictures of an iron bobbed, Chanel sunglasses clad Anna Wintour sitting stoically in the front row of a basketball game at Madison Square Garden. I need it like I need air.

I wonder if she was unimpressed. Or if she smiled. Or clapped. Or moved? I mean, were people afraid? Were many many people afraid of her sitting there? I guess she was out of her usual feeding ground so maybe she looked around and started to stealthfully copy the gestures of the punters near her. If she ate a hot dog and someone got it on youtube, can they please e mail me immediately? IMMEDIATELY [source]

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