Monday, March 03, 2008

Amy Winehouse’s face is currently riddled with an infection called impetigo which is highly contagious and takes the form of blisters and infected pimple like lumps.
Poor Winehouse, she’s such a mess that now the horror is seeping out of her in the form of actual pus.

Sometimes celebrities get to the point with their emotional turmoil that it starts to show on their faces and in their bodies and it’s at that point that you start to believe in the old idea that a positive attitude makes all the difference. Like, if they could just have a cup of tea and then a good sit every now and then it wouldn’t get so bad.

Anna Nicole Smith was like this just before she died. She was on a dozen drugs and was riddled with cysts and internal problems but then when she was about to go on TV, she’s scrub up, whack on some lip gloss and some industrial strength spackle foundation and try and look as clean and fresh as someone who wasn’t diseased and who had a grip on reality. She always sounded and looked like her mouth was really dry though. Some things you can’t help.
So, now Winehouse is starting to show. I wonder if she got it from scratching her face. People who take crack do that. They scratch at their faces and seeing as Winehouse probably has a whole smorgasbord of filth under her fingernails the infection just spread. That’s my totally uninformed assumption about this but it’s good enough for me. [source]

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