Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lou Pearlman, the man who created *Nsync, The Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter and this astonishingly pop-gay guy who did well in Germany called Ritchie Stringini, is pleading guilty to all multiple counts of Federal fraud because he ripped all these Florida senior citizens of to the tune of about 300 million dollars. So, consequently, he’s selling all his crap on ebay to make a little money.

If you go through the pages and pages of items, most of which are just old boxes of laser discs, DVDs, photo montages and awards from Germany (cause who really cares about Germany, right? He’s probably saving the US Awards for his real retirement when he’s checked into some hateful retirement home in Florida that used to be a motel.), it’s easy to see that one of the most coveted items will be the photo of Lou Pearlman himself standing there in front of the original House of Pancakes. Perhaps it’s a personal tribute to the major investor in his planet-like physique. Who knows? As long as I have a the chance to be able to own that image so that I can potentially wake up and see it each morning I’m pretty stoked. I already have a place for that photo cleared on my ceiling, just above my bed.

One thing that’s noticeably missing though is the collection of unwashed underwear he collected from all the members of *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys while they were asleep. I mean, I’m assuming. I read that article in Vanity Fair – I know what went on. [source]

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