Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well, look at that. Our favourite little professionally sloshed yet culturally miraculous Mademoiselle Tara Reid is drunk in an airport in Cancun. Excellent. One can only assume that Mademoiselle was there as part of some kind of Spring Break celebration, or pre-emption of such and that’s a good thing too because as a 33 year old there’s nothing more appropriate for her to be doing than to be running around drunk and topless with a bunch of 22 year olds who are just discovering alcohol and nudity at the beach with no parents for the first time.

Still, what better guide into the areas of common as hell vice like alcohol abuse and sexual promiscuity than a d-list celebrity like Tara Reid. Why, that scrawny, dehydrated hooker’s carcass has seen more of every kind of poison than most of those kids have thought of so she’ll either be the life of their parties of a sobering deterrent from them.

And either way is good.

Still no actual acting work for Reid as far as I can tell. So…yeah…that’s not really going so well.

Whatever happened to her chronically amazing show “Taradise”? I wake up every Saturday morning with a slight start hoping they’re running re-runs of that show and then when they inevitably aren’t I get slightly upset. Well, until I remember I’ve TIVOed “Round Trip Ticket” from Logo which has got to be one of the most horrifically bad shows ever. So completely earnest, amateur and crap, I always love watching Marc Savoia stumble through some foreign city trying to sound knowledgeable about something but really you know he’s flat out trying to remember the script and while remaining antagonistically perky. God, it’s great to wake up to that shit. [source]

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