Monday, March 03, 2008

Steve O from Jackass was arrested on the weekend for acting like a douche bag and destroying his apartment. Just to ensure maximum stupidity and potential exposure, he filmed the whole thing too. God, Steve O is such a freaking douche bag. It’s like the basis for his stupid ass behavior probably comes from the fact that he’s dyslexic or has a mild ADHD or something really common like that but when he realized he could make money from blowing it out of all proportion and amping the disfunction up he lost the plot.

Why the hell would you document yourself trashing your own house and abusing your neighbours unless you live in a freaking dumb ass macho douche bag bubble in LA where publicity is everything? My favourite part is when he just gets to the point of thrashing his t shirt on the ground and then he stubs his toe on a bottle and it hurts. It’s interesting that he still has really white straight teeth though. If Steve O had grown up in Texas he’d raise hogs and get miniature ponies drunk with his friends on Friday nights but on the sly he’d sometimes read a book. No one would know about that. I mean, it would be a book like “Superfudge” or “How to Eat Fried Worms” but ultimately he’d still have technically read a book. LA wrecked him. Oh GOD, what do I care?

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Anonymous said...

No. If he grew up in Texas, he'd be somebodies (a) prison bitch or (b) catcher [as in : pitcher & catcher]. He is a (jack)ass berries and better hope no one in lockup decides to rape his streaking, idiotic ass.