Monday, March 10, 2008

Star Jones has finally FINALLY put an end to the ludicrous farce that was her marriage to gay assed Al Reynolds. Here’s what The Enquirer wrote:

The Enquirer spoke to another insider who confirmed the breakup and revealed Star’s intention to make it permanent. “Star is planning to divorce Al.” As for reason behind the split, the source added, “I think Star felt Al had spent their marriage riding her success while she did all the heavy lifting. She resented it. Deep down, Star is a very old-fashioned woman who believes a man should support her emotionally, physically and financially. She now believes Al failed her.”

She only NOW believes he failed her? What was SO god damned complex about that relationship that she couldn’t see crippling failure in him a mile off? Or, why wasn’t she just happy with the scenario she had? She’s wealthy, insecure, probably still thinks she’s fat even though she’s had the surge and her body looks like it was shrink wrapped. She’s a maddening over achiever so she can overcome the fact that she’s insecure and probably still thinks she’s fat. He’s a lazy ass gay hustler who realized that he’s jumping the shark so he pounced on the delusional rich fat woman and sealed the deal to make sure he wouldn’t have to work again. Well, for the first time ever.

It’s not rocket science.

My advice to Star: if she is “a very old fashioned woman who believes a man should support her emotionally, physically and financially”, try marrying a straight man next time. Also, if the man is meant to support her financially then what would she do with the millions of dollars she earns from her aggressively pursued career? Oh, I see. That’s hers as well. God, what a freaking huge slab of heavily marinated tuna Star Jones is. [source]

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