Tuesday, September 02, 2008

MSNBC reports that Josh Hartnett inadvertently made a sex tape as he had sex with a girl in the library of a Soho Hotel in London and the security cameras caught everything on tape.

“Josh and the girl were getting pretty hot and heavy,” said the source who watched the actor’s actions on the hotel’s monitor. “Unfortunately, the hotel has security cameras all over the place — the library included.”

I think Josh Hartnett looks like a younger, pock free version of Tommy Lee Jones and he has a voice like your popular, attractive but boring school captain and so surprisingly and probably despite that, I think he’s quite attractive and I always have. I don’t understand what people like Perez Hilton are thinking when they say he’s dull and gross. The fact that he’s now in a sex tape is therefore pretty outstanding news. It’s even more outstanding than the time I thought a lithe young Nick Carter was in a sex tape with Paris Hilton. That turned out to be untrue and I established that pretty conclusively by doing a series of quite extensive searches on the Internet and through limewire and I turned up nothing. If something exists it’s possible to find it or accounts of people who saw it before it was destroyed. I found no evidence of either when it came to the Carter Hilton masterpiece.

But now that there’s word of a Hartnett film – well, I’ve dug out my helmet with the light attached to the front and have dusted off my old searchin’ boots because it looks as though there might just be some Hartnett ass out there on film and if that’s the case, I’m pretty interested in finding it.

I think that’s about as much as I can squeeze out of this pretty meager news item. [source]

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