Monday, September 22, 2008

Tom Ford’s Spring catalogue used full frontal, nude images of Alex Schultz, the Brazilian model, and the photos were taken by Terry Richardson. Made in Brazil released another shot of Alex Schultz today that wasn’t originally released with the full set several months ago.

Here is it.

And here are some of the others.

I really think this is sort of old. Two years ago French fashion house, Shai used hard core porn in the video ad campaign for its actually fairly mediocre clothes. The combining of hard core porn and fashion retail was an idea that floated around in the ether in 2006 but then it faded. I guess the idea with these images is that you refer to the male and you refer to the adornments of the male simultaneously. There’s just something about it that seems slightly tired and gimmicky although clearly, it's fine that they did it and released the images. I have no problem with that. Thank you Tom Ford. The fragrance he released with bottle in place of a vagina seemed slightly confused to me but this doesn't.

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Anonymous said...

In the one photo he seems to be trying a bit too hard to emulate Helmut Newton.