Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kirk Cameron is in a new film, thank fuck, called Fireproof and he went on the Today Show to talk about it and while graciously imparting information about where we can see his work, he mentioned that he wouldn’t ever do another on screen kiss because he’s married to his wife and a kiss would be, in essence, a violation of the sanctity of their bond.

Ok, the two things that come out of this are…ok, actually three….One, Kirk Cameron is a cynical actor if he insists on doing it for the money but not actually acting on screen as a professional. He’s unprofessional and lame.

Two, I’m assuming his lameness is a direct result of the unbalanced influence religion has on his life, he is a boring religious fucknut and should stop talking.

And three, if there’s anyone who is about to be caught in a public bathroom any time soon, it’s Kirk Cameron. Still, at least for the moment he can possibly cash in on all the disgruntled and now aimless Claymates who have nothing to base their lives on now that Clay Aiken has finally come out of the freaking closet.

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