Monday, September 29, 2008

TMZ reports that Heather Locklear was busted driving about LA, probably under the influence of prescription medication but not alcohol.

It never surprises me when something like this happens to Heather Locklear. She has this tone and look in her eye that speaks of a kind of generalized rage and I’m not saying this because she played Amanda Woodward who was ludicrously mean and angry and I cannot separate an actor from their character.

I just always expect Heather Locklear to reach out and tear someone’s face off but she always pushes that rage down and smiles and goes blond. She’s one of those thin, generally marketable blond women who are always smiling and working but underneath it she has to date the openly unhinged, substance abuse professional rioter who plays in the band. She’s a lot like Pam Anderson actually. Despite Anderson’s need for attention and abusive partner she is generally pretty well put together.

Heather Locklear needs for something chaotic to be happening at all times and so either she’s dating the drummer in the band or she’s dating someone generally well adjusted and she’s medicating and driving.

Heather Locklear is an interesting woman because she has the hard edge of Anna Wintour with the trash edge of Denise Richards. She’s the middle ground between those two. Also, I think she doesn’t look so bad in her mug shot – I mean, the mascara may be running a little from the tears that don’t seem to stop when she’s alone but she has virtually no fine lines and wrinkles despite being 60 and all her hair needs is some kind of de-frazzle inducing serum. You can get that at any pharmacy. Hell, she works for L’oreal, she could probably make a call and get some sent over. Maybe someone’s doing that now from having a look at her photo. I would think so. That’s what a staff is for; to pre-empt what you need. [source]

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Anonymous said...

Heather Locklear is not 60, no way. I think she's in her late 40s.