Wednesday, September 17, 2008

About a week ago Jamie Lynn Spears, her spawn, and mother Lynn Spears flew into Los Angeles on a Delta Airlines flight and arranged to avoid the paparazzi by getting off the plane on the tarmac. The police at the airport arranged to escort a decoy who looked essentially like Jamie Lynn which they did and the paparazzi went nuts photographing a woman who wasn’t famous.

Now, E online reports that the Los Angeles police are in trouble for doing that because they have no policy for escorting celebrities unless there’s an extreme circumstance.

This is another one of those amazing circumstances where regular departmental procedure gets subverted by your average person’s complete inability to operate around celebrities. This sort of reminds me of the original judge in the Anna Nicole Smith trial who decided it would be a good idea to cry on camera in front of the world on Entertainment Tonight just to really ham it up for the audience – hell, who knows, he could have ended up on his own reality show had he not been booked for smoking pot in a park near the courthouse. Gosh, could he have wanted to get caught maybe?

I’m pretty certain Lynn Spears was at the helm of this ludicrously unnecessary display of “Don’t Look At Me – Quick! Everyone Look At Me!” because her book’s out and she wants to be in the news as much as possible. [source]

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