Friday, September 05, 2008

I’ve sort of been watching the re-emergence of the New Kids on the Block primarily because I was about 12 when they were in full force last time and it’ll be interesting to see what they have had to do with themselves to make it work this time. The Post reports that Mark Wahlberg didn’t show to a recent event where the band were meant to sign autographs, Donnie Wahlberg showed up an hour late and Jordan Knight didn’t show at all. Firstly, it’s not SO surprising that Mark Wahlberg didn’t show seeing as he’s not involved with the band and hasn’t been since he was 13. Donnie WAhlberg seems like a bitter, less successful older brother so whatever about that and maybe Jordan Knight had to moisturize.

Danny Wood now looks like a bricklayer from Queens merged with some kind of primate and its interesting because he really does seem like he’s about a second away from beating the shit out of basically anyone but he keeps it repressed to enhance accessibility. Jonathan Knight is now actually gay and out and in a recent interview on The View was completely skipped over when they went down the line of guys asking what they were now up to. I guess that’s because he has no kids and isn’t married and anything departing from that would upset the fans. Actually, here it is:

One thing they apparently haven’t considered is that Joey McIntyre should really be able to sing before he is given a solo. I watched Elisabeth Hasselbeck interview them in her needy, breathy, grating tone and the experience has stayed with me. It returns at night when the lights are out and there is nothing to stop the night terrors. Nothing to distract me from lurking truths. [source]

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