Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here’s the preview to Madonna’s first film. And when I say first film, I’m assuming I’m doing that because that’s the line that’s being hammered into everyone’s skulls in relation to this. Granted she directed this one as opposed to the cultural travesties she’s starred in but the whole idea is that we consider this with a certain freshness.

What makes this seem like it might be ok is the fact that it is an indie film and she’s combined English grittiness with sex and violence. That could mean that she manages to transcend the fact that everything she does is a calculated business transaction and is the result of extremely well conducted market research. People, to date, haven’t bought her movies because they’ve all attempted to be big deal blockbuster types.

People want to not feel like they’re being bullied into liking Madonna when it comes to films. I mean, she bullies everyone else all the rest of the time, why can’t she just stop for a minute.

Maybe this film will be the stopping point. After all, she’s 50 and she can’t keep up the hard assed inhuman routine for long. Pretty soon her face will start to fall off and she won’t be able to claim supremacy in all fields. That’s why she did those short films showing her vacuuming. That was about trying to make her seem more human. People are sick of being bullied by Madonna, that’s my theory.

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