Thursday, September 04, 2008

Porn star and professional annoyance Michael Lucas has started his own fashion blog so he can write about himself wearing clothes. HA! How ironic! Today has the first item which is an exhausting stream of consciousness masturbation session about clothes by Rick Owens.

The photos are the best part really because Lucas really washes away all irony and self deprecation and it’s great. My favourite is the shot of him in the exaggerated basketball shoes with his legs apart. It’s true that the early nineties are back and that people are wearing a pastiche of neon framed sunglasses from the late 80s and big basketball shoes, pork pie hats and vests from like ’91 but the fact is, no one but stylists and slim alternofags really wears big basketball shoes at this point. The people wearing them live in Williamsburg and the shoes are almost always the Dior version of them that cost 400 dollars. There’s no application for this culture yet unless you’re under 24 and are an industry professional so Lucas wearing them is a joke as he’s what, 50? So what if you’ve got your finger on the obvious L train pulse – you look like a desperate Peter Pan syndrome afflicted ego maniac.

I think the only way to make Michael Lucas palatable at this point is to convince yourself that he’s actually the Andy Kaufman of our time. If he really is just a performance artist or stand up comedian then it’s all been worthwhile and I think he should run for VP for the GOP. Otherwise, this is the last I’m going to write about him until I need to list him in a rundown of the most annoying people in the world but even then it wont be a post about him, I’ll probably be writing about Ann Coulter and just need to illustrate a marginal point I’ve already made about attention seeking bottom feeders. [source]

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