Monday, September 29, 2008

Here’s a picture of Posh Spice and David Beckham at Macy’s at the weekend trying to encourage people to buy their new fragrance by standing near it as people took photos of them – that’s the way these things work. When she decided to get dressed that morning, Posh Spice put on a pair of $6,000 Antonio Berardi PVC boots that function as stiletto heels but do not actually have a heel attached to them.

The shoes look like a cross between something by Leigh Bowery mixed with the latex outfits people wear to tired fetish balls plus Betty Page. Oh, and I think there’s something sort of Mod/60s about it. No matter what, Antonio Berardi is rolling around in a pool of his own turtle wax with glee that his cruel shoes have made the papers.

I actually find it hard to believe that the heels are just NOT there. I suspect that the shoe is constructed so it has a lot of support in various areas and as such you can actually walk in them. So, either they’re not so painful but look like they are excruciating or they are as painful as they look and look excruciating. Either way, there’s crippling pain involved.

I think this is where Posh does her work. She will walk around in those heels all day, in crucifying pain – it’s not unreasonable to assume that her calves had to be anesthetized before the fitting to make sure she didn’t faint from the agony of wandering about demanding attention and customer compliance. But she does it. She does it anyway and she does it for her image. For that I am partially convinced that she has a job but not completely. I need to see her panic before I believe that.

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