Monday, September 15, 2008

While it’s not surprise that Page Six is a dumping ground for information that publicists need you to know about their clients to ensure longevity on some level, today’s 90210 post has got to be above and beyond. They apparently have a new tyrant ego-diva on set. Just in time as well, seeing as the old one isn’t returning.

With Shannon Doherty not returning to the show the producers clearly had to come up with some reason to convince people to actually bother watching a show about a bunch of marketably attractive LA high school kids going through whatever crap they’re going through. I mean, how many more of these god damned shows do we REALLY need? So, they bring back the gorgon drawcard, she leaves and bang they have to have something else. Cue the new kid. There’s a factory these brat anti-kids come from. The same place Pink, Avril Lavigne and Pete Wentz (sort of) came from.

Page Six writes:

Shenae Grimes, who plays Annie Wilson, isn't taking cues from her tamed-down predecessor. Show sources told Page Six that Grimes was "tormenting everyone on set" and "acts rude to the cast, crew and extras." Our insider told us Grimes even once yelled at an unassuming guest star, "Who the hell are you?" and often spits out comments like "This is my show - everyone else is riding my coattails."

Who would those show sources actually be, I wonder? Shenae Grimes herself? Perhaps the publicist over at CW? Candy Spelling, as she looks over plans for a new “pants wearing room” and realizes she needs the show to keep going?

Shannan Doherty’s character Brenda Walsh was the draw card when the show’s original incarnation was a big deal back in 1832 – well, apart from seeing how long you could go before the spectacle of seeing people in their early thirties play high school students completely lost all plausibility – I watched every single week. There was something unusually organic about Brenda Walsh’s madness back then. Shenae Grimes just seems like any other reality whore trying to stay employed.

For some reason I keep calling the show the same thing in my head: 9021PLEASE STOP IT. Wait..."for some reason"? I think I’m aware of the reason. This has all been done and done and done to death. [source]

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