Friday, September 26, 2008

Here’s Lady Gaga failing to lip sync well enough to be convincing as both a singer and dancer. The part about this that I genuinely hate is actually just David Koch at the end of it when they cut back to the studio. Everything about him is contrived and fake. He does this good natured, slow spoken, Australian every man thing and that’s like nails on a chalk board for me. God, I hate that forced optimist shit. The thing is, David Koch is actually an analytical, right wing economist. He’s not your good natured guy next door.

The Lady Gaga thing, whatever, I mean, she can sing and dance. I think her whole angle is contrived but I’ve seen her live and very close up – she can do it. It was probably a technical complication that made them make this decision. The fact that Sunrise willingly went ahead with a lip synced performance and then did a backpedal over its policy is really just emblematic of everything about the concept of the Morning Show.

On the surface they’re one thing but underneath they’re another. Just like the host of Sunrise, David Koch. Morning television is the contemporary equivalent of the frightening game show. I really think that just as game shows can be used in films like Requiem for a Dream as a metaphor for insane pointless greed based propaganda circus that pervades western culture, the inanity of the phoned in perkiness of the Morning Talk show is just as telling and horrific. Except with the Morning Talk show it’s more about denial of crippling depression as a result of a total lack of purpose.


PrinceMartynCharles said...

This is the most accurate blog you have ever written.
I love this's my true!

fiona peel said...

hmmmm, her performance on Rove would seem to suggest that she is not able to sing, it was painful to watch, but far more painful to hear.