Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sun in the UK has published a censored nude photograph of Amy Winehouse’s mooching crackhead incarcerated husband, Blake Fielder Civil with the headline introductory paragraph:

ANYONE wondering what AMY WINEHOUSE could possibly still see in convicted criminal and druggie hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL should take a look at the uncensored version of this picture.

Ok great. So where’s the uncensored version? Anywhere? Anyone? Oh look. No one has it. Damn everyone.

The thing is, he may be a freaking nutcase idiot who comes across as a more spineless and far less engaging version of Johnny Rotten but I’ve always thought he was quite attractive. He’s got good skin and he’s marketably slim – in a fashion model sense. What’s not to like? I mean, apart from his repellant personality and all. Plus, in this photo he’s wearing pink briefs which means he’s probably quite comfortable with his sexuality AND while he has that weird eye patch – it’s bound to be just temporary. I mean, look at the welcoming smile on his face in the very picture above! He looks totally fine to me so I never had any doubt whatsoever about why Winehouse is still with him.

I suppose there’s still the overwhelming drug based codependence that characterizes their relationship too and you have to consider that but if you just went at him with a blow torch and a sandblaster and chipped off all the dirt and filth and annoying chaos and dead skin I’d say he would absolutely clean up beautifully. [source]

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