Monday, September 22, 2008

TMZ reports that a Federal investigation has been launched into the illegal reproduction and sale of photos of Jamie Lynn Spears by the photo booth people at WalMart in Louisiana. The Spears kid’s baby’s father, Casey Aldridge went to the WalMart with his digital camera card, dropped it off and the staff member took it from there.

Its times like these that I think the Tudors, on Showtime, comes in handy for a little advice. There was a scene in the last series where the father of Ann Boleyn went up to Ann and said, “We’re ROYALY NOW. EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT”. And I think that advice applies here too.

I don’t care how utterly stupid and white trash Casey Aldridge is, and in many ways I think he was the cultural predecessor to political prisoner Levi Johnston in the same way that Joe Dallessandro was the predecessor to Travis Fimmel, he shouldn’t be dropping his photos off at the Wal Mart. What the hell? He’s cultural ROYALTY now. He’s intrinsically tied to the Spears family no matter what and should not be opening his meal ticket up to vulnerability like that. Back to training.

Secondly, how utterly American that photos of a girl breast feeding would immediately be assumed to be treated as basement jack off material. It's just puerile enough to be of Federal concern. [source]

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