Tuesday, September 02, 2008

David Duchovny is apparently addicted to pornography and has checked into rehab for treatment of his sex addiction, Fox News is reporting. They’re making a careful effort to be clear that he has never cheated on his wife, Tea Leoni, but apparently he spends a whole lot of time cranking one out while looking at porn online anyway.

I always love scandals like this where there is actually no real issue but it’s still noteworthy to people who spend a lot of time cleaning tiles in their bathrooms in suburbia. How completely boring.

This is almost like the Miss New Jersey scandal or really any of those annoying beauty queen scandals that occurred that the same time – with the exception of that one who really did have itching powder in her dress because some bitch tried to thwart her efforts. Amy Polumbo, from New Jersey had this big old panic about how someone was blackmailing her over pictures stolen from her facebook page because she thought it would tarnish her image. She then immediately cleared it up and said that there weren’t any nude photos of her – just photos of her being whacky. She dragged it out on the Today Show with a mind numbingly bored Matt Lauer and then she decided to eventually show the photos to thwart the blackmailer and there were photos of her with her legs apart holding oranges up to her chest pretending to have whacky zany breasts or something. Woops, you just lost the housewives contingent of Southern Arkansas, Polumbo – better open a vein and come clean.

God, how tiresome.

Isn’t it also interesting that David Duchovny is on a show called Californication and there are posters of him all over New York that say “He’s in too deep” referring to his immersion in sexual exploits but also no doubt it’s a multi layered statement about the show blah blah blah. Still, it’s just like Hillary Duff being seen drinking champagne at a club in New York with her monogamous boyfriend; wow, right at the time when she was trying to transition from teenaged star to adult actress or whatever she is.

So, in short – David Duchovny is apparently a sex addict but I’m not buying it. Show me an underground lair with a ton of leather crap, a meth lab and an Asian teenager in a cage covered in his feces and I’ll think about it. [source]

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