Thursday, September 18, 2008

The New York Post reports that John McCain’s 23 year old daughter Meghan McCain was overheard talking to her editor about where she was going to get a new tattoo and couldn’t decide what it would be but that it would be something she’d do after the election.

I’m not sure what the Post is up to at the moment with all these stories about how Palin spends a lot of money on clothes and how Meghan McCain is getting a tattoo. I mean, clearly the inference is that Palin is an elitest wealthy glutton and Meghan McCain may as well be a Federal Arts Grant swindling, Berkeley, California tree living commie but as for why the Post is reporting this stuff it’s beyond me. Maybe there’s some rebellion in the ranks.

After all, McCain’s daughter getting a tattoo is enough to unseat his socially conservative middle class voters. I mean, it’s a tattoo! She may as well have the sign of the beast on her forehead. The horror! [source]

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