Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Everyone seems to be talking about Posh Spice’s new hair this morning because she used to have that insufferable Pete Wentz meets waterfall meets council estate chav look and now she has a boyish lesbian imp look. Of course, by “everyone”, I mean the two blogs I checked out this morning that had written something about it. What makes Posh not seem like a lesbian is her tan and the fact that she’s married to a footballer who is her intellectual equal and energetic opposite. Aside from that I’m essentially done talking about Posh Spice’s new fucking haircut.

I’m trying to figure out how to link in how stupid celebrities are and how rancid and hateful Sarah Palin and her book burning, “pray the gay away”, “I’m just a Republican hockey mom so therefore I should be second in command of the most powerful nation on earth” bullshit. I know Brook Hogan had no idea who Palin even is but that’s probably because Brooke Hogan is flat out masking her largely male thighs and overwhelming lack of talent while eating up time on VH1. Here’s a great photo I found of Sarah Palin on buzzfeed that sums her up in a visual sense.

So, in conclusion, Posh has new hair and Sarah Palin is a poor poor excuse for a Vice Presidential candidate but I suspect, right now, a lot of Americans are all excited because Palin could read a speech well and that’s enough to win them over despite her insane anti-human social ideals, the complete disconnection between those views and the reality of her family life and the outright lies she refers to as fact.

A large collective of Americans, I expect, will just be so wide eyed and amazed at her for being apparently like them, a woman, and being the second woman to run on a major party ticket and that if they vote for her it will be a memory they can talk about at dinner parties – that they’ll ignore that she’s a right wing nut job freak who will rape the country of humanity just by being anywhere near the White House. [source] [source]

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Faith said...

You know that's a fake photo of Palin, right? Just checking.