Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, look at that. Turns out Lesbian Lohan was seen sucking face with Samantha Ronson in New York and Page Six reported it. The part about this that interests me is the space between it happening everywhere in New York and LA, gossip columns reporting it and her openly and fully acknowledging it officially. Is there anyone left who doesn’t understand that Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian? Dina Lohan has been quoted as saying she supports her lesbian daughter here - although, clearly, it could easily just be another ploy for media exposure - her life blood.

News Corp in Australia reported that she had confirmed it but she never actually did. They pulled the equation together themselves. Furthermore, other people are saying it and Lohan has slammed Sarah Palin for homophobia on her blog and made references to it in various interviews but she herself hasn’t specifically come out yet.

It’s weird that that happens. I’m not sure about this but there has to be a massive, checkbook wielding contingent in the middle of American suburbia that refuses to believe that she is and that would react badly if they found out she was a lesbian. Even though the information is everywhere, they still will ONLY go o what the star says. That’s sort of the essence of suburban living though really; it’s all about appearances.

I guess that explains why Tom Cruise is still getting work and has a fan base. I mean, I just find that inexplicable because I don’t find bipolar God Complexes attractive in any way but I think it’s safe to assume that there is a contingent of housewives who only believe what they see on Oprah.

Where the hell has Tom Cruise BEEN for the past couple of weeks ANYWAY? All I’ve seen in relation to him and his robot wife has been based on what pants she wears to rehearsals and the fact that no one wants to buy tickets to All My Sons for no reason I can figure out.

So, in short, Lohan is a lesbian – are we all on the same page with that? [source]

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