Thursday, September 11, 2008

Posh Spice and Gordon Ramsay are apparently teaming up to open a restaurant which confirms that you really don’t need anything besides any kind of celebrity power at all to be able to DO anything.

Firstly, how on earth could Posh Spice have a role in bringing people food when she’s either turned down offers of food all her life OR she’s thrown it all up? I mean, this is aside from the chunk of fatback pork she uses to smear on her skin to attain optimum vitality, tan color and elasticity before she has her regular breakfast of an ice cold trim spa martini by the pool. Oh, plus edamame, pretzels and diet coke. And peasant fear in liquid form; I’m pretty sure that keeps her sustained.

So, is that all the menu will be? Pretzels, diet coke, edamame, and liquid fear all served up by a greasy social climbing, face imploding fame whore?

Great. I’m there.

But also – what about Ramsay? His angle is that he’s this no-bullshit guy who hammers you with hard core confronting truth. What the hell about him says that Posh is a good person to open a restaurant with? I’ve watched Kitchen Nightmares, I know what goes on. I can just imagine him on an episode of his own show critiquing his own kitchen and dining room by screaming “Why the fuck have you got that sour faced silicone implanted skeleton standing in the center of the room sucking up all the air? The last thing she makes people want to do is eat…get her OUT”

And yet, here we are discussing whether or not they’ll work together for profit. Including the puffin travesty that’s two strikes Ramsay. One more and I’m never watching another episode of your shows ever again and I’ll make your food but I won’t eat it. So there. [source]

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