Monday, September 22, 2008

TMZ reports that critically panned, crap romantic comedy star Dane Cook is being evicted from his apartment in LA because he has consistently refused to pick up the dog shit his dog has been leaving all over the place. He appealed the case with this defense:

"In the same way that writers can get writer's block, comedians can really easily run out of ideas and 'stories'; I am extremely frightened that this will happen to me if I am forced to move out of my apartment. I've seen it happen to other comics, that something interferes with their connection to their creative muse, and it's destroyed careers."

No news on whether it's worked for him yet.

It’s interesting how his latest film, My Best Friend’s Girl has proven a complete dud at the box office (gee, couldn’t see that happening what with the winning new concept of a couple of alpha male, awkward comic actors, Kate Hudson as the female equivalent to Matthew McConaughey and Alec Baldwin thrown in for distinguished one liner all wandering around doing embarrassing things in what the audience would see as real life situations, what a fucking great new idea!) and so now he’s mustering up press by filing inane legal actions.

I think we’ll all agree that if Dane Cook’s career tanks it will be because of a cultural inevitability rather than him being forced to move apartments. But then, since the movie poster for My Best Friend's Girl came out, Cook has been screeching for attention like a New York club kid so it’s not surprising that he’d keep it up now.

Still, it’s better to be talked about than not and here’s what people are saying about Dane Cook’s performance:

The inexplicable romantic comedy career of Dane Cook marches on. In Kate Hudson, Cook appears to have found a woman who can both withstand his obnoxiousness and sometimes surpass it.-The Boston Globe

Watching this repugnant, angry male fantasy, I thought, "You know what's missing? Jokes about date rape." I wasn't disappointed for long.-LA Times

What’s interesting is that if you go to Dane Cook’s website, there are video and sound files of him performing to actual live audiences who are apparently applauding and laughing. It’s things like this that remind me that America is capable of the entertaining the notion that Sarah Palin is viable. She’s not, just in case you hadn’t thought about it. [source]

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