Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Page Six reports that People magazine paid a half a million dollars for the coming out story of Clay Aiken and the first pictures of his kid. As far as money for nothing goes, this really is amazing. It’s almost as amazing as paying Kim Kardashian, For anything at all.

OK! on the other hand, turned the story down and instead ran with a cover featuring Kim Kardashian who I used as an example of cultural failure in that paragraph entirely out of coincidence.

I’m actually on the side of OK. Sure they went with a nothing cover and Kim Kardashian is rapidly approaching the point in her career where she really does represent the lowest common denominator and she does it better than the ailing zeitgeist, Paris Hilton.

It would seem to me that the only people who would want to read about Clay Aiken's sexuality are his freaking weird, delusional emotionally frightened fag hag fans. Well, I would read about it but I'd be offended and probably nauseated the whole time.

Interestingly enough, I once helped plan an outing of Clay Aiken. A friend of mine has a really well known porn blog and he was on manhunt one night trying to get laid or something and ended up talking with Clay Aiken who sent him actual pictures. He wanted to use them to get some publicity for his blog but he didn’t want to unmask himself. He did the blog anonymously. So, we figured the solution was to go to Perez Hilton, offer him the exclusive and get a free ad for a week on Perez in exchange. The whole thing worked like clockwork. Part of the actual material that we had was the dialogue between my friend and Clay Aiken and it was like the entire time he was online all he wanted to do was make a big deal out of how he was recognizable and how the conversation had to remain secret because of that.

Good old reluctant whores. [source]

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