Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lynn Spears was interviewed by Meredith Veira on The Today Show this morning about her re-worked book “Through the Storm” and she said her book was never meant to be a parenting book. Maybe the entire country is a little numb from being bombarded by public figures who create the notion of truth by simply saying the same lie again and again but when it comes to Lynn Spears I’m ever vigilant.

Spears literally says “It never was a parenting book” - except that the crucial missing component to that version of history is that it’s original title was “Pop Culture Mom” and it was about the wonderful relationship she was able to have with her showbiz daughters despite the pressures of Hollywood.

Presumably, the insight she’s gained so far was meant to be translatable and of interest to regular mothers who are bewildered from dealing with their children’s proximity to internet porn, corn syrup splintered attention spans and the failure of abstinence-only education in schools. Then Britney had her public breakdown the idea that Lynn Spears has any sort of sage advice became completely implausible.

Lynn Spears is a showbiz politician at heart.

I’ve decided I’m unsure Lynn Spears, as a cultural comodity, would be possible if she didn’t have a Southern accent. If you have a Southern accent it means you can get away with a lot more than if you have a Californian, North Eastern or say, German accent and I think that’s in part due to the fact that a Southern accent manages to at once encapsulate a simplistic, anti-intellectual, 15th Century Lutheran work ethic and that leads onto a fear based commoditized patriotism which is something that was invented by politicians so they could profit from massed fear by halting critics. Still, it doesn't matter how the hell long she draws out her words, to me Lynn Spears is a narcissistic, self absorbed, greedy show mother who sold out her children time and time again and this book is testament to that.

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