Wednesday, September 24, 2008

While it’s ultimately more fulfilling on an emotional level to report that American Psycho is potentially to be turned into a musical for Broadway, the fact is, the news report only says that it is being considered for the stage. Got you right in the middle of that didn’t I? I didn’t explain it from beginning to end, I just went to the middle and ran for my own point. Ha! It’s a clever day for me for some reason.

I’m going insane for various reasons.

Anyway – perhaps a staged production would work, perhaps not – I really think you either have to go the full distance and turn it into an opera or not anything else at all. I mean, it would be so much more fulfilling if the entire thing was sung in partially atonal oratorio and the staging included three little suit clad interns who act as Patrick Bateman’s conscience and as the story’s narrator.

Maybe they could get Mario Lopez to play Patrick Bateman. I mean, he seems to be capable of doing practically anything with that fucking stupid tongue through the teeth grin and outrageous body. This may be the role that finally gives him some depth.

I would absolutely see American Psycho in a second if it were put on the stage in any incarnation. I cannot lie. [source]

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Anonymous said...

I loved that book. People missed the biting satire of it. I also enjoyed the film and found it very ironic that it got an NC17 rating. I actually just reread "Story of My Life" as it is based on Rielle Hunter (John Edwards' mistress). I too would probably see the musical, especially if it presented a jaundiced view of the greed of Wall Street at that time. (A fellow D-lister).