Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Post reports that James Franco’s presence at Columbia University has been causing a stir and that girls have been gathering and staring at him in that way you see in movies about the Beatles. I put in that last little reference there not the Post.

Last night I was at a party with his writing teacher from Columbia University and she was saying…well, actually, now that I think about it, she said essentially nothing about him at all. How did she DO that? I asked her if it was true about him raping his ex-boyfriend and she said, “Wasn’t that meant to be Will Smith?” which is what you’d expect to hear from his writing teacher. Or any colleague at all. Thwart the rumour and at the very least, don't participate in it.

The Post writes:

"particularly the type of ridiculous, squealing freshman girl . . . all harassing the poor guy," writes student Vesal Yazdi in the Columbia Spectator. "[They] were shameless enough to literally go right up to him." Yazdi warns fellow classmates: "Do a bit of subtle ogling, but don't stand around the entrance like a pack of starving vultures."

Anyone who knows anything knows that the way you get noticed by James Franco is, you write about how lame the oglers are in the school newsletter and then you alert the Post to what you’ve written. I mean, another approach is to talk about James Franco incessantly on a blog and put out requests for nude pictures of him. That’s another way. Both ways are much more sophisticated than just standing about squealing. God, freshman girls are so tired and lame, don’t you think James Franco? James Franco and I are just speaking right now, I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait. [source]

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