Friday, September 12, 2008 is reporting that that other ‘anti-Spears” product, P!NK, is considering becoming a Scientologist since she broke up with her husband Cary Hart. Star Magazine writes:

"Pink is in the beginning stages of checking out the religion, but she has taken to it and she wants to get more involved."

I really love the idea that you can check out a religion and decide whether you want it to be what you believe in. It brings up the same empty notion I hear when political candidates talk about ensuring people’s freedom to worship in their own way. I mean, the principle is fine but it just seems like this routine emptiness. Quick, gotta worship something!

But then, maybe this is a smart move for P!NK. I mean, Britney Spears has shown the capacity to be far more edgy than P!NK ever was with her stumbling on stage at awards shows stating that she was too drunk for this type of thing despite her perfectly stylist led punk attire and choppy LA haircut so maybe she needs a new gig. Hooking up with Scientology is just another way of joining a fraternity of people like the Masons except it’s in Hollywood. By letting out the information that she’s checking out Scientology, P!NK is merely announcing that she’s open to the idea of being cast in a film.

Plus, fuck her for making me write a fucking ! instead of an i. Better come up with a new angle, dear. If you don’t you will just end up playing the Grace Jones part in terrible films no one sees. [source]

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Discotheque GQ said...

At first I thought maybe P!nk (didn't know that's how it's spelled until this blog) was being a tad hypocritical with this whole Scientology thing, but then I got to thinking. Her whole image has been built on anti-establishment. And if there's anything publicly viewed as a religious satire, it'd be Scientology. So maybe it makes sense after all!