Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok, so I’m basically just hitting the bottom of the barrel with this stuff today. I interviewed a porn star named Brent Corrigan yesterday and have been furiously transcribing the entire thing so I can edit it, I am speaking tonight at Sugarland in Williamsburg at the roast of Adam Klesh and I’m pretty much convinced that my material is fool’s gold – ie you think its funny but it’s not in real life, I have been furiously chasing Fed Ex because they were meant to be shipping a vitally important box to me over night from California but they’ve failed relentlessly and so what was supposed to be an overnight priority shipping on Thursday will end up being a Tuesdsay afternoon delivery.

Regardless, here are three videos that don’t suck as much as Fed Ex. Fucking Fed Ex. They have ruined my foolproof plan to be invincible.

This is Sacha Baren Cohen getting thrown out of a fashion show in Milan. He walked in and just crashed the runway. I’m not sure how much his initially subversive behaviour will just end up being like Jackass or Mr Bean at the end of the day.

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movie fan said...

the pictures of Cohen crashing the fashion show in Milan hardly look like him... judging by the aftermath, though, it looks like it was an effective marketing ploy