Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yeah, so, great…Us Magazine reports that Chace Crawford said he thinks Sarah Palin is “quite attractive”. What we have here is a half assed attempt at everything. Firstly, shut up: she’s a gorgon. Stop missing the point with her. People become less attractive when their mere presence threatens your life. Palin’s does. Get with the program gay face.

Secondly, following on from his completely convincing statement that he’s “as straight as they come” it would follow on that he’d like Sarah Palin because if he’s under the impression he’s a straight as they come them Sarah Palin may well be attractive. He also may well be in crippling denial of reality on a global scale.

What’s fascinating about this article is that a publicist from Gossip Girl has clearly jumped on this story to lessen its negative impact by offering up information from “a source” that says:

(A source tells, "As much as Chace may find Sarah Palin physically attractive, he does not find her attractive as a candidate. In fact, you may even see Chace campaigning for Obama in October.")
So, what we get out of this is that Gossip Girl producers know their primary demographic are Democrats and Obama supporters and that they still need to let him have his public heterosexual crush. I bet a meeting was held over this one. Obama also must somehow be cool otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered to talk about Crawford’s potential campaigning.
For a totally hot guy Crawford actually seems like a really languid child. Like, he actually seems a little goofy. Usually you find that his type squash the nerdism out of themselves but not Chace. [source]

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