Thursday, November 08, 2007

According to CBS News, Conan O’Brien has apparently been the recipient of several antagonizing letters written on priestly letterhead from one Father Ajemian who actually refers to himself as “your priestly stalker”. He’s been stalked by a priest for the past 14 months.
It gets better though because apparently Ajemian tried to get into a taping of the Conan O’Brian show when he wasn’t let in he wrote a letter to O’Brien saying "Is this the way you treat your most dangerous fans?" the note said.
There’s nothing more calming and helpful than a Catholic priest who becomes unhinged and lets all the pent up freaking madness ooze out uncontrollably in the public eye. I also enjoy the fact that people look to this man for personal guidance. Well, not anymore I guess. He’s been put on leave. The Catholic Church seems to know how to deal with their freaks pretty efficiently these days.
When did Conan O’Brien do anything that really put him in a position of hard core immediately timely relevance. I mean, he does TV and stuff but he’s no Rosie O’Donnell. Why doesn’t Rosie have a stalker? I think we need a do-over. He needs to focus on Rosie; she deserves the press more and she could have more fun with it. Still, there’s no rational explanation for who freaks focus on.

The fact that Conan O’Brien is being stalked by a freaked out priest is a great story that calms and soothes my agitated New York dwelling soul though, there’s no doubt about that. Not because I wish harm on O’Brien but because it’s yet another example of how freaking weird Catholics are. [source]

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